Like I’ve said before, as student athletes, we barely have any free time. We’re constantly on-the-go between classes, workouts, practices, etc. Chances are, if we do find ourselves with spare time, it’s probably used to eat or squeeze a quick nap in. It can be tough trying to balance everything, so that’s why I’ve compromised a few suggestions that have helped me, and hopefully can help you. Because after all, deadlines still need to be met and workouts still need to get done.

The first tip is an easy one. When you finalize the classes you will be taking for the semester (or however your school works), make a quick schedule for it. You don’t have to worry about trying to draw one out yourself. There are plenty of options online that you can just type the information in and they’ll map it out, like Then, hang the schedule up on your wall. That way you can visibly see when you have class and when you have free time. 

The second tip I recommend is making a to do list. Say you have an extremely hectic week coming up, or maybe you just have a lot of assignments due within the near future, a to do list helps you organize them. Depending on how nice the to do list is, depends on you. Personally, I like to put the class the assignment is for, what the assignment is, and when it’s due. That way, I not only see and remember that I have something coming up, but I remember what it actually is. 

The third tip might be a bit of a sacrifice, but it’s worth it. When you start to figure out the times in your day where you have free time, try not to squander it. Yes, I get your tired and want to nap, and that’s totally okay. But don’t use it to nap every day. This is an opportunity to start your work that might be due in a few days, and maybe you will barely have time to do it. Maybe use this time to study for that test coming up. As much as we’d like to lay in bed and watch Netflix (Criminal Minds, anyone?), using your free time efficiently and positively will help you out in the long wrong. Just think, finishing your assignment during the hour break you have between classes means that you won’t have to stay up so late at night to finish it. I mean, we’re tired enough as it is and that sleep time is precious. Am I right?