So you’re looking to hire someone to fill the open position at your job. There’s three resumes from candidates that come across your desk, and while looking over them, you notice that one of them was a former athlete. Nothing against the other two, but I’m about to tell you, Mr./Ms. Boss Person, why you should choose the athlete. It’s pretty simple, high school and collegiate athletes have several great traits. Which is probably why according to Researchers have a theory to explain why high-school athletes go on to be successful in life, author Rachel Sugar explains, “For years, economists have shown that former student athletes go onto earn significantly more than their non-sports-playing peers — between 5% and 15% more, according to research cited by the Atlantic.” So let me explain a few of them. 

Trait #1, we’re hardworking. We spend countless hours in the gym and during practice trying to improve and get better. Do we want to be sore, bruised, and tired? No. But we strive for greatness, which is why we persevere through the pain and continue to work over and over again. 

Trait #2, we’re team oriented. Yes, there are some sports where it’s an individual effort. However, for the majority, every sport involves teamwork, respect for one another, and sacrifice. Whether it’s having to sit the bench or stand on the sidelines, we know we’re putting our team first. There’s no room for being selfish, and your coach will let you know that very quickly.

Trait #3, we know how to manage our time. Have you ever heard people complaining about waking up at 10 a.m. and having to go to 2 classes for the day? Ya, that’s funny to us. Because while you were sleeping, we were up early to run sprints, followed by grabbing a quick banana if we have enough time on our way to our back to back classes. While normal people’s days are ending, ours are just beginning. Now of course, there’s gonna be a few former athletes who don’t necessarily translate from hardworking on the court, ice, or field, into every day life, but those are rare. So next time, think about it. And think about who you want on your team.