For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an athlete. Growing up, I played just about every sport. To be more specific: hockey, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, and I danced. I loved going to tournaments in different cities and exploring the hotels with my friends/teammates. As I got older, sports became more competitive and a major time committment. Practices got longer and games got tougher. By high school, I chose to focus on volleyball, hockey and softball. I was constantly away on the weekends for tournaments and games, but I loved it. There was nothing else I’d rather do. My freshman year of high school, I partially tore my ACL. I was sidelined for a bit, but able to continue playing my favorite sports. Almost exactly a year later, I completely tore my ACL playing volleyball (highly not recommended). After knee surgery and a long 6 months, I was back on the court/field/ice. Unfortunately, I had to give up volleyball. As I continued to play out my high school career, I started to discover that balancing sports and academics was tougher than I thought. My senior year, and I made the decision to play college hockey at Plattsburgh. Fast forward 3 years, and here I am in the middle of junior year. Over this time, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about balancing my time efficently and effectively. And that’s why I’m really here. To give you some pointers, and also make you laugh. Because as hard as it is to remember, we are student athletes. And student comes first.