Being on a sports team, your teammates become like family. You see them every single day. Whether you share classes, workout together, or just see them at practice, they’re there, and you’re together. At some point during the year, there’s going to be a time where someone is annoying you. Whether you can help it or not, it happens. And that’s okay. Most teams have rosters of 20+ players. That’s 20 different personalities. And sometimes those personalities clash. It’s inevitable. No matter how close your team is or how well everyone gets along, it’s gonna happen. It might only last a couple of hours, or up to a couple of days. However, if you do find yourself having a problem with someone, it’s important to remember these things.

1. Try your very, very best not to talk trash or gossip about this person/persons behind their back. You wouldn’t like it if they were doing it to you, right? Plus, it only creates more drama.

2. Always respect the other person. It’s simple, everyone deserves that.

3. Don’t involve other teammates, unless the situation can potentially become a serious problem. In that case, talk to your captains. They’re there for a reason. And in most cases, they’ve experienced something similar to this.

4. Remember that at the end of the day, you guys are family. Whether you’re a guy or girl, brothers fight and so do sisters. And that’s what you are. What’s most important is that you recognize that you both want the best for the team and in the end, love each other.