Being a student athlete, your schedule seems to never end. Here’s a quick run through for those of you who don’t know what it’s like. First, you have your dreaded 6 a.m. sprints, followed by some classes. Then you have to make your way to the gym to workout. After, it’s time to squeeze in some lunch. You want the pizza, but you choose the salad instead. Is it time for another class? Yes, it is. Of course, you’re continually battling to stay awake during the lecture. Finally, it’s over. Now, time for practice. Multiple thoughts cross your mind as you walk into the locker room: is coach gonna be happy today? Are we doing sprints? Fast forward two hours and your sore and tired, but too bad. Time to head to the library to work on some homework and meet with your group about your presentation due tomorrow. A few more hours later, you eat some dinner, take a shower, and now it’s time for the best part of your day, relaxing. But don’t get too comfy, because tomorrow you get to wake up and do it all over again.